- Requirements
- Users survey
- Vision
- Configuration
- Jython Dependencies
- Interface Specification for Helpers and Tools
- Preferences
- Using a JDOM document as a Swing Document
- Using Jython and Java



Project requirements

Workflow modification


1. Introduction

This documents presents the various requirement gathered through the interview of different curators.

One thing should be noted, as briefly described in the Vision document , the SwissProt curators are split into two groups: - Reviewers - Curators

People are also working on different subprojects which are
  • HPI
  • Viruses
  • Plants

2. Project requirements

All the following requirements are classified by groups then by order of importance. All groups have equal importance.

  • Ergonomy
    • Speed is a critical issue
    • Manage file sets
    • See at any moment the different things the curator can do. For example this could be the list of tags that can be inserted, but also which tools can be called to help the curator.
    • Navigate to other entries using x-refs links.
    • Domains highlighting on sequences
    • Having of list of entries which amino-acids sequence is displayed and compared, where we could see, for example, if a segment is absent from a sequence.
    • Have a view of the isoforms for a specific entry.
  • Editing process
  • Possibility to record edits made on the document and apply them to a set of other documents
  • Work with families and apply changes in three manners:
    • Applying changes locally , ie. on the currently edited protein.
    • Apply changes on a family.
    • Apply changes globally.
  • Intelligent dependency checking inside the document. This means that the editor knows that certain conditions produce one or more requirements, like the signal feature.
  • Orthographic checking
  • More than one clipboard
  • Keywords suggestion
  • Functionnality
  • Automatic verification of the coherence of the documnet.
  • Scripting language embedding
  • Test suite support for the macro language

3. Workflow modification

  • Reviewers:
    • When giving work to curators, sometimes get twice the work they gave in terms of correction.
    • Too much responsibilities for one single person.
    • Slow process because Amos is rarely available.
    • Torn between quality and quantity, as more and more entries have to be processed, while more and more publications are out, which makes everything somewhat longer to be processd.