- Requirements
- Users survey
- Vision
- Configuration
- Jython Dependencies
- Interface Specification for Helpers and Tools
- Preferences
- Using a JDOM document as a Swing Document
- Using Jython and Java


About the project

Project requirements

Development process

Related documentation

SPEdit: A curation environment for the SwissProt database

1. About the project

SPEdit is a new curation environment for the SwissProt database entries. This environment is based upon the XML technology, and especially the new SwissProt XML Schema.

The development process follows the Rational Unified Process and some principles given by Extreme Programming.

2. Project requirements

The project runs on java 1.2 and more. It has the following software requirements:

  • JDOM libraries:
    You can download the files here.
  • 3. Development process

    3.1. Inception phase

    This phase focuses on understanding the scope and boundaries of the system, establish the primary scenarios, prepare a candidate architecure, list the risks and prepare the development environment.

    The development environment uses Ant as a build tool.

    3.2. Elaboration phase

    The purpose of this phase is to come up with a candidate architecutre illustrated by a working prototype.

    4. Related documentation

    Here are listed documents that were produces during the development, that constitute a knowledge base that allows to have a better understanding of the issues that went on during SPEdit development.