- Requirements
- Users survey
- Vision
- Configuration
- Jython Dependencies
- Interface Specification for Helpers and Tools
- Preferences
- Using a JDOM document as a Swing Document
- Using Jython and Java


User summary

User environnment

User profile

User's vision

Users survey

1. User summary

The questions below aim at identifying the different role of users and also identifying the different tasks that they have to do.

  • What is your role?
  • What kind of tasks or activities do you usually do?
  • How long is a task cycle?
  • How many people are involved in completing a task?
  • Are these tasks changing?

2. User environnment

The purpose of this serie of question is to gather information about the environment of the users wether it is human or technical:

  • Which system platform are in use today?
  • Will these platform change?
  • What are your feelings about this or these platform(s)?
  • What application do you use?
  • Does the new application need to intefrate those applications?
  • What are your feelings about these applications?

3. User profile

This serie of question will help building a more precise profile of the actual users of the application.

  • What is your technical background?
  • What is your expertise?
  • What are the key responsibilites you have?
  • What document do you produce?
  • Do you coordinate a group?
  • How would you define success for the application?
  • How would the user be rewarded?
  • What is your involvment in the project?
  • What are your comments or issues?

4. User's vision

This last step helps building with the user a portrait of the ideal application, thus helping the stakeholders to have a brighter perspective of the key features that the application needs.

  • What are the lacks of the current application?
  • What would you like the new application to do?
  • Could you imagine how you would use this application?